Nicky Tanner


Genre: CGI Animated Comedy
Target audience: Family
Length: 85 min
Format: Dolby Digital
Script: based on story by Anton Siyanika “Nicky Tanner”
Script writer: Shulga Elena
Director: Depoyan Manuk
Status: Production

My responsibilities: I art directed a number of animation scenes for the «Nicky Tanner» project.  I managed the team of animators in my studio called «MagixFX». We acted  as an outsource studio and created various animations scenes for this cartoon.


Synopsis: A small boy must embark on a fantastic quest to save both the world of humans and the world of magic from a witch possessed by the ghost of a dragon! Along with Eddie the wanna-be wizard and Rocky the feral wild child, he’ll have to prove what it takes to be a real hero!


The animated film «Nicky Tanner» was created on the basis of the Ukranian epos in 2013. By the way, it is the first animated feature film in 3D. This most interesting thing is that though it was based on the folk fairy tale, the name of the main character is Nicky not Kirill.


As you may already know, the main character of the animated film «Nicky Tanner» inheritated his fame from his father,Nikita. He inheritated not only the strength, but his believes as well. His world is not just black and white. While growning up, he meets Iva, the moody princess of the underwater kingdom.


Please see the official TRAILER  of «Nicky Tanner»:

Official company site: Panama Grand Prix
Official project site: Nicky Tanner